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    Fire Shark for SEGA Genesis - Used

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    Fire Shark for SEGA Genesis
    Fire Shark is a constantly -scrolling aerial shooter with a top-down view. You pilot a World War II era biplane which has been modified to shoot lasers and drop powerful bombs. As you travel through the dozens of levels in the game, you will face aerial, aquatic, and ground enemies. They all fire scores of missiles at you in an attempt to knock you from the sky. Between levels, your plane will land on a runway for refueling and maintenance. At these checkpoints, you will receive bonus points for the number of bombs left in your cache and the number of lightning bolt icons you managed to pick up in the preceding level.

    There are dozens of different enemies in each level of Fire Shark. Smaller enemies can be dispatched with a few shots, while larger enemies can withstand many shots before exploding. There are also many power-ups available in each level. Slow-moving zeppelins always contain a power-up icon which is revealed after the zeppelin explodes. Other icons are revealed when other types of enemies or buildings are destroyed. These power-ups float around in random patterns on the screen for several seconds. Grabbing them with your plane earns you a weapon upgrade or bonus points.

    Two-player games are team games in Fire Shark. Both players appear on the screen simultaneously. Player One is always red. Player Two is always blue. Players begin each game with five planes. When they are all destroyed, the game is over. Fire Shark can be continued indefinitely for additional credits.

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