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Final Zone for SEGA Genesis - Used

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Final Zone for SEGA Genesis
Viewed from an isometric perspective, Final Zone has you controlling an armored soldier through 14 futuristic stages. It is 100 years into the future, a time when weapons of mass destruction have been outlawed and wars are no longer fought with missiles and nuclear bombs. Instead, warfare is conducted via the New Age Power-Suit (NAP for short), a robotic combat machine that gives the wearer 14 of 20 available weapons, including flamethrowers, land mines, lasers and a bazooka.

You control Howie Bowie, the finest soldier of the El Shiria Military Nation's foreign legion, and operator of the K-19 Phantom NAP. Your mission is to occupy and destroy Point A-46K Bloody Axis. Basically, you must blast away at enemies using hand-held and body-mounted firing equipment. To clear a Battle Stage, you must destroy all "officers" of enemies; to clear a Boss Stage, you must destroy all the enemies. Game locations include the streets, a desert and ruins, the valley, a cave, and in and around Bloody Axis.

Each time you get hit by an enemy, you will lose a weapon. Lose all your weapons and the game is over. Three levels of play are available, each giving you a certain number of continues: Easy (five continues), Normal (three continues), and Hard (one continue).

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