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    B.O.B. for SEGA Genesis - Used

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    B.O.B. for SEGA Genesis
    B.O.B. is in a whole heap of trouble. After the golden robot borrowed his father's car to go out on a date, he somehow crashed into a giant asteroid! Now B.O.B. finds himself stranded on Planet Goth without any means to get home. If things weren't bad enough, the world is filled with androids looking to reduce poor ol' B.O.B. into scrap metal.

    Your job is to guide the robot through over 45 stages of futuristic platforming action. Fortunately for you, B.O.B. is a resourceful robot, so you won't find yourself without a few gadgets to help make it through the levels. B.O.B. starts out with three lives, a laser gun (with fifty shots), and an ability to acquire "remotes" giving him new abilities.

    In addition to the laser, B.O.B. can upgrade his weapon to a triple-shot, flame-thrower, rocket, bolt, wave, and punch (his fist shoots out for close-range combat). The remotes, which appear as icons somewhere on each level, are as follows: flash (freezes enemy); shield (creates a force field); umbrella (helps B.O.B. glide down from high places); trampoline; helicopter hat (makes B.O.B. fly); and floating bombs.

    The object of each level is to find the exit, represented by an orange swirl, before time runs out. You'll receive a password after every three levels and an extra life each time you score 100,000 points. Keep moving, though -- you have to find a new set of wheels so you can make your date!

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    "Great price for the Rock band drum kit; it beat the prices of anything else available. Most of the product looks brand new, works as if it were. Quick Delivery. Thank you very much." May 2015