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Rambo III 3 for SEGA Genesis - Used

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Rambo III 3 for SEGA Genesis
Rambo's back! Bow and arrow in hand, machine gun ready for action, Rambo looks bad and means business! Rambo has infiltrated Soviet-occupied Afghanistan to rescue Colonel Trautman, his old leader and friend. Trautman's been captured, and the Russians are viciously interrogating him for vital information. In the meantime, they've deployed troops, tanks and helicopters to scare off all rescue attempts.

Rambo's got to stay hidden while he attacks the enemy, knifing them before they can scream. If he's discovered, he's got machine guns and time bombs to blow them away. He's also got his bow and arrow explosive -- in his hands, a lethal weapon that can take out a T62-A tank with one shot! Will Rambo make it throught the prison maze before the self-destruct timer blows? Can he destroy the enemy's ammo arsenal before a hand grenade takes him out? Can he annihilate the menacing Hind helicopter in man-to-machine combat?

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