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Battletech for SEGA Genesis - Used

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Battletech for SEGA Genesis
By the 31st Century, the world is dominated by science and technology, and war is waged using monstrous 75-ton BattleMechs that are equipped with the biggest and most devastating weapons the world has ever known. Now it's up to you, as a MechWarrior, to get behind the controls of the "Madcat" Heavy OmniMech and head into enemy territory. While you're going into battle alone, you've got the most technologically advanced machine under your control but it will still take all your skills and courage to emerge victorious and complete your mission. Armed with nine high-tech weapons you'll venture through five different planets, battling a wide variety of enemies along the way. If you're having trouble with the assignment by yourself, recruit a friend one can steer the Madcat, while the other controls the weapons and take on the enemy as a team.

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"Cool, took me back some years." May 2015