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Golden Axe II 2 for SEGA Genesis - Used

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Golden Axe II 2 for SEGA Genesis
Dark Guld, the Lord of Darkness, has arisen from his slumber and begun his quest for world domination with the help of his evil followers. As heroes of the last great battle, it is once again up to the Amazon, Barbarian and Dwarf to defeat Dark Guld and recapture the Golden Axe. Only then will peace and harmony be restored to the land...

In this sequel to the arcade and Genesis hit Golden Axe, new skills and magic have been added to each character to help your chances of survival. Slash, kick and throw your enemies as you press on through the game's eight levels. Mount various dragons to either tail-swipe or burn the enemy to a crisp. Once you have reached the end of a stage, a large boss or two will try to make life more difficult.

Along with the normal game, a mode entitled the Duel will test your mettle in a series of battles. Your character will be forced to fight in one arena against increasingly difficult enemies until they (or you!) are defeated. As in the original, you will be graded on your performance in battle, so keep that sword sharp!

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