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Final Fantasy XI 11 Online VanaDiel Collection 2008 /w Serial Number for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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Final Fantasy XI 11 Online VanaDiel Collection 2008 /w Serial Number for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
Final Fantasy XI is the first title in Square's acclaimed console role-playing game series to feature online play. In order to take part in the online-only adventure, PlayStation 2 owners must possess the PS2 Network Adaptor as well as the system's 40GB add-on hard drive. A monthly fee is also required through the PlayOnline service offered by developer Square Enix. Five different races are available at the onset, including the human-like Humes, the elfish Elvaan, the magical Tarutaru, the powerful Galka, and mischievous Mithra. The majority of races offer male and female genders as well as individual customization options for hair, eyes, and so forth. Characters in the game belong to one of three countries locked in a bitter struggle for control: the Republic of Bastok, Kingdom of San D'Oria, and the Federation of Windurst. Players will be able to decide which region to pledge their loyalty, which will open up specific quests and missions unique to the area. Gameplay follows a similar format to EverQuest, in that players fight enemies in real-time using a variety of commands tailored to an individual character's attributes and abilities. Up to 18 players can enlist in a single party, with commands like Shout, Tell, and Party available to communicate with the group at large.

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