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    Theme Park Rollercoaster for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) - Used

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    Theme Park Rollercoaster for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
    Theme Park Roller Coaster starts players with a meager bank balance as they set out to create a bustling, commercially successful theme park. You begin by building a few simple rides and a handful of refreshment stands and as you attract more visitors to your park, you can use the money earned to research new rides as well as make upgrades to existing ones. To keep things running smoothly you'll also need to hire staff. Janitors, mechanics, and security guards are an integral part of any theme park as they keep things clean, working, and orderly. Entertainers help keep the patrons happily engaged, while researchers design the next hit attraction. With the fundamental elements firmly in place, you can tweak various facets to your liking. Better quality hamburgers will cost you more, but will satisfy the customers, while more salt on the fries will cause your drink sales to increase, but could also cause revellers to fall ill. The speed, capacity, and duration of rides can also be tweaked. Careful micro-management will see your park flourish and reward you with golden tickets that can be redeemed to open up new areas and themes. There are four environments provided to build a theme park: Space Zone, Lost Kingdom, Land of Wonder, and Halloween, each with its own rides and themed sideshows. Designing a hit roller coaster requires precision planning and considerations to be made regarding G-force, ride length, and height of the ride -- factors which have a bearing on whether customers enjoy the ride or not, and ultimately, whether they will ride it again. It's also possible to explore the park in first-person mode, allowing you to ride certain attractions and even partake in mini-game sideshows. An aide, known simply as "the Advisor" helps you through the initial stages and provides important notifications when something goes awry, or when something good happens in the park.

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