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Clock Tower for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) - Used

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Clock Tower for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
A murderous lunatic known only as "Scissorman" is out on a killing rampage, with 10 victims currently under his belt. The Scissorman is a deformed man (or is it a woman?) whose face is completely wrapped up in gauze, has a nasty limp, and wields a pair of three foot long scissors. Needless to say, no one really wants a piece of the scissors action and are all rightfully scared out of their minds. On the other hand, these murders cannot continue forever and he must be brought to justice. Assuming the role of either a psychiatrist, or the only person to ever escape Scissorman's menacing wrath, you must set out and solve the evil mystery surrounding the Clock Tower murders. Unmasking Scissorman is also a top priority next to staying alive.

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