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    JoJos Bizarre Adventure for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) - Used

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    JoJos Bizarre Adventure for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
    Platform: Release date: Apr 28,2000 Genre: Fighting Rating: Discuss Jojos Bizarre Adventure for Dreamcast Online --- Games to See --- _______________Sony PlayStation_________________Breath of Fire 3 for PSXBreath of Fire 4 for PSXBuster Bros. Collection for PSXDino Crisis 2 for PSXDino Crisis for PSXJoJos Bizarre Adventure for PSXMarvel vs Capcom for PSXMega Man 8 for PSXMega Man Legends 2 for PSXMega Man Legends for PSXMega Man X4 for PSXMisadventures of Tron Bonne for PSXPocket Fighter for PSXResident Evil 2 for PSXResident Evil 3 Nemesis for PSXResident Evil Directors Cut for PSXResident Evil Survivor for PSXRival Schools for PSXStar Gladiator for PSXStreet Fighter Alpha 2 for PSXStreet Fighter Alpha 3 for PSXStreet Fighter EX 2 Plus for PSXStrider 2 for PSXSuper Puzzle Fighter II Turbo for PSXTrick N Snowboarder for PSX_______________SEGA Dreamcast_________________Cannon Spike for DreamcastCapcom vs. SNK for DreamcastDino Crisis for DreamcastGunbird 2 for DreamcastJojos Bizarre Adventure for DreamcastMarvel vs Capcom for DreamcastMarvel vs. Capcom 2 for DreamcastPlasma Sword for DreamcastPower Stone 2 for DreamcastPower Stone for DreamcastResident Evil 2 for DreamcastResident Evil 3 Nemesis for DreamcastResident Evil: Code Veronica for DreamcastSpawn for DreamcastStreet Fighter 3: Double Impact for DreamcastStreet Fighter 3: Third Strike for DreamcastStreet Fighter Alpha 3 for DreamcastTech Romancer for Dreamcast__________Nintendo 64__________Mega Man 64 for N64Resident Evil 2 for N64______________________PC_________________________Dino Crisis for PCMega Man Legends for PCResident Evil 2 for PCResident Evil 3 Nemesis for PC____________________Gameboy______________________1942 for GBCDragon's Lair for GBCGhosts N Goblins for GBCMagical Tetris Challenge for GBCMega Man Xtreme for GBCMetal Walker for GBCStreet Fighter Alpha for GBC___________________________________________________________________________________________ --- Places to Go --- Home Capcom Community (BBS) Your Shopping Cart Join Our Mailing List Customer Support News Jobs Online Games Nickel City Family Entertainment Centers Corporate Info __________________________________________ -- Things to Buy -- Breath of Fire III Strategy Guide Capcom Edge Cell Phone Organizer Capcom Edge Letterman Jacket Capcom Edge Stopwatch Capcom Fab Watch Dino Crisis 2 Standee Dino Crisis 2 Strategy Guide Dino Crisis Original Soundtrack CD Dino Crisis Strategy Guide Dino Crisis Watch E3 2000 Official Capcom Bowling Shirt Eye of the Beholder Clue Book Fighters Edge Alpha T-shirt (L) Fighters Edge Alpha T-shirt (M) Fighters Edge Alpha T-shirt (XL) Fighters Edge CD Case Fighters Edge Color Block Cap Fighters Edge Cooler Fighters Edge Crusher Hat Fighters Edge Duffel Bag Fighters Edge Hooded Sweatshirt (L) Fighters Edge Hooded Sweatshirt (XL) Fighters Edge Knit Hat Mega Man Legends Strategy Guide Mega Man X Strategy Guide Nickel City Baseball Cap Nickel City Coffee Mug Nickel City Mouse Pad Nickel City T-shirt Power Stone Original Soundtrack CD Power Stone T-shirt Reign of the Dinosaur: Dino Tronics (Dino 2 Toy) Resident Evil 2 Strategy Guide Resident Evil 2 for N64 Official Strategy Guide Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Original Soundtrack CD Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Strategy Guide Resident Evil Code: Veronica Flashlight Resident Evil Code: Veronica Strategy Guide Resident Evil Directors Cut Strategy Guide Resident Evil Survivor Official Strategy Guide Rival Schools Official Fighting Guide Star Gladiator Official Strategy Guide Street Fighter Alpha 3 Official Fighting Guide Street Fighter Alpha Strategy Guide Street Fighter EX2 PLUS Strategy Guide Street Fighter II V Movie Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Original Soundtrack CD Strider 2 T-shirt Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Strategy Guide The Misadventures of Tron Bonne Official Strategy Guide Wizardry V Clue Book __________________________________________ Japanese Comics Come Alive in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! Based on the popular comic book series, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure blasts its way onto home game consoles! This high-speed, arcade fantasy fighter pits10 + fantastic characters against one another and introduces the new Stand attack. The amazing Stand attack unleashes each character's materialized mental energy upon their opponent to deliver devastating results. Classic Japanese comic book style animation and Capcom's signature gameplay combine in a game not to be missed.

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