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    Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) - Used

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    Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko for Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
    "Lock and load, little lizard!" The world's most famous gecko returns to battle arch-nemesis Rez in this sequel to 1998's Gex: Enter the Gecko. It seems the evil one has kidnapped beautiful Agent Xtra (played by Baywatch star Marliece Andrada), thereby ruining Gex's peaceful vacation in the South Pacific. You know what that means: "It's tail time!" As in 1998's game, players must explore 3D worlds patterned after TV shows in order to find the three hidden remote controls on each level. Also up for grabs is a fourth remote control earned whenever you collect 100 fly icons within a stage. Those who long to collect even more items will be happy to hear there are hidden coins, enabling players to access various bonus levels located somewhere in the game. While Gex can still tail-whip, climb certain surfaces, use his tongue to swallow fly power-ups and perform flying tail kicks, he has a few new abilities as well. These added moves typically depend on the costume he's wearing during a particular stage. For example, Gex can use a cape to glide down from high places, move heavy structures, swim underwater and spit projectiles after swallowing certain flies. Some of the exotic settings you'll visit are trap-filled pyramids, a winter wonderland, a World War II bunker, a pirate ship, the Old West, an ornate mansion and Ancient Greece. Gex will also have to explore each of the "hubs" that serve as gateways to the different worlds. Gex begins the game in Mission Control, a Batcave-like setting offering several doors leading to new areas. Of course, in order to access particular stages, you'll need to accumulate a certain amount of remote controls. The game also offers two hidden characters to play as during the bonus games as well as an assortment of animals to ride on. Gex will be able to ride atop a burro, crocodile, kangaroo, camel, and even hit the slopes with a snowboard! The master of disguise also has a slew of new outfits to wear, some 25-odd costumes, including Dracula, Hercules, Sherlock Holmes, Little Red Riding Hood, Al Capone and more. Comedian Dana Gould reprises his role as the voice behind Gex, offering nearly twice the amount of one-liners as in 1998's game.

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