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Disney Extreme Skate Adventure for Nintendo GameCube - Used

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Disney Extreme Skate Adventure for Nintendo GameCube
Activision and Disney have joined forces to create a skateboarding game targeted specifically at players between the ages of six and 14. Using the engine from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure takes players through such famous locales as Pride Rock, Pizza Planet, and Tarzan's Treehouse as they guide characters from movies The Lion King, Toy Story 2, and Tarzan. Modes of play include Adventure and split-screen Multiplayer. Players can also design their own likeness using the Create-A-Skater option.

Characters include Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Tarzan, Terk, Simba, and Rafiki. Players can also choose from a group of ten real-life skaters (ages six to 14) who were winners of a nationwide casting call sponsored by Activision. The Create-A-Skater option lets players customize nearly every facet of their onscreen counterpart, including hair color, clothing, shoes, helmet, board, and hairstyle. Once a character is selected, players will be able to perform such popular moves as ollies, grinds, spins, and a variety of other aerial tricks.

The Adventure mode is the heart of the game, where players interact with movie characters and accomplish a wide assortment of goals throughout each film locale. Since many of the featured settings are not conducive to traditional skateboarding, players will be able to guide their characters using modified boards in the shape of bamboo rafts, frying pans, and more. In addition to completing objectives, players will also solve puzzles, uncover secret areas, and find a variety of items to collect on each level.

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