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Pikmin 2 for Nintendo GameCube - Used

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Pikmin 2 for Nintendo GameCube
The quirky GameCube launch title designed by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto returns with all-new features. Captain Olimar's business is on the brink of bankruptcy, so in a last-ditch effort to save his livelihood, he embarks on a salvage expedition to unearth as much buried treasure as possible. With the help of a loyal assistant and the endearing plant-like Pikmin, Olimar must remain on the planet long enough to erase the company's debt of 10,000 pokos. Pikmin 2 has players alternating control of the two lead characters (Olimar and his assistant) while commanding an army of Pikmin to defeat hostile threats, breed more Pikmin, gather important items, and solve puzzles. Pikmin 2 does away with the time limit found in the original game, letting players fully explore their 3D surroundings without the fear of being rushed. Also added to the sequel are new colors of Pikmin as well as two-player cooperative action.

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