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Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Game Boy Advance owners can now experience the world of Baldur's Gate in this role-playing game from Destination Software. Gameplay is designed to continue elements introduced in Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance on Xbox and PS2 rather than the traditional role-playing aspects found in the PC versions of the series. The result is a more action-oriented experience, viewed from an overhead perspective, with players hacking and slashing at various monsters populating the fantasy realm. The storyline involves a quest for justice as result of the player character's sister being kidnapped by a powerful entity. The adventure begins in the city of Baldur's Gate but will eventually take players to the Sunset Mountains and beyond, as the events unravel a bitter war that may change the Sword Coast forever.

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Glad to have found this site that had Rocksmith fitting my budget, than having to buy directly from the company at their price that is double then what it is on here listed for - THANK YOU!" May 2015