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    Contra Advance: The Alien Wars for Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Used

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    Contra Advance: The Alien Wars for Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    A handheld port of Contra III: The Alien Wars for the Super NES, Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX features the same type of run-and-gun, shoot-'em-up action, and includes all four side-view levels of the original game. Missing are the two top-down stages, which have been replaced by two side-scrolling platform levels from Contra: Hard Corps for the Genesis. A two-player link mode lets gamers engage in the popular cooperative action that has become a staple of the series over the years.

    Players control one of two special forces comrades (Jimbo and Sully) on a mission to save Neo City from the clutches of the scurrilous Red Falcon. This involves running, jumping, climbing, riding (in a tank), flying (aboard missiles), and shooting through six stages filled with terrorists, snipers, jet motorcycles, Man-Faced Mutts, Para-Slugs, Mutant Megasquitoes, Psycho Cyclers, and other bad guys. Bosses include such hulking behemoths as Robo-Corpse and Beast Kimkoh.

    Players begin the game toting a standard issue rifle. By shooting down weapon pods and grabbing the resultant power-up icons, players can switch out their weapon for spread fire, homing missiles, laser fire, crash (explodes on contact), or flamethrower. Players can also sacrifice their weapon upgrade by snatching a barrier power-up, which makes the character temporarily invincible.

    Unlike Contra III: The Alien Wars, this game has a password feature for saving level progression.

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    Glad to have found this site that had Rocksmith fitting my budget, than having to buy directly from the company at their price that is double then what it is on here listed for - THANK YOU!" May 2015