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    Giga Wing 2 for SEGA Dreamcast - Used

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    Giga Wing 2 for SEGA Dreamcast
    When the wicked rebel forces return to take over the universe, you're the high-tech pilot who's assigned to stop it. Choose your aircraft from a long list of combat-ready machines, and then take off into enemy airspace. Packed with intense dogfights, huge computer AI, and some of the most comprehensive levels you've ever witnessed, GIGA WING 2 is an aerial experience for the strong of heart. Brains are as important as courage, however, as strategy will play a key role in your success. The enemies are relentless, but awesome power-ups will give you unique abilities and immunities to help fend off your foes. Use an amazing arsenal that includes a Reflect Laser and a Reflect Force which sends opponent fire right back to its source. A Score Multiplier will have you achieving new GIGA WING heights, and awesome graphics will make you feel like you're 5,000 feet off the ground until, of course, you crash.

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