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Batman & Robin for DVD - Used

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Batman & Robin for DVD
The dynamic duo, Batman and Robin, the protectors ofGotham City who are really Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson,find themselves with two new villains to battle. Thefirst is Mr. Freeze, a former scientist who, when tryingto find a cure for his wife's disease, fell into frozenmixture that forever changed his molecular structure.Having to wear a refrigerated suit, Freeze is constantlyin search of diamonds to keep it powered and uses a freezingray that ices over anyone in his way. The other villain isPoison Ivy, formerly Dr. Pamela Isley, who also survived amolecular change that made her kisses deadly and full of poison.Her main weapon, beyond her kiss, is a pheromone dust, thatromantically fogs the mind of those exposed to it. Subjectingboth Batman and Robin to the dust, she creates a rivalry betweenthe two that threatens to undermine their work and Bruce'srelationship with girlfriend Julie Madison. Coming to theduo's aid is Barbara Wilson, the niece to butler AlfredPennyworth, who suits up as Batgirl to help stop Freeze andIvy's plans to destroy humanity.

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